Positive communication

COVID-19 has suddenly isolated everyone form each other, changed our daily life in an unpredictable way. Each of us had to adapt our working conditions such as home office, triggering anxiety, stress, demotivation, uncertainty…

Qilin will guide you through:

Empower self-confidence of your teams

Support teams engagement

Higher performance
Higher performance through remote management fundamentals

Our training

Positive communication & Meet teams expectations

• Back to work: stress, anxious… The curve of change Team members feels considered and understood
 New identified behaviours
adapted to new situation
What behaviours to adapt The 4 pillars of behaviour changes A greater self-confidence
 Clarity on positive

Two options:

In order to be Covid compliance, you can choose from 2 training modules, according to your preferences and constraints. Please do not hesitate to contact us to define together your needs and expectations to enable an adapt proposal (the cost of the training depends on the number of sessions, preparation, follow-up etc.).

Remote workshops

  • Tool : via zoom or equivalent
  • Duration : 2 h, half-day, full day
  • Number of participants : Iieally 4 to 6 participants for better interaction
  • Cost : on demand

Live workshops

  • Location: Meeting room within your company
  • Duration: 2 h, half-day, full day
  • Number of participants : 5 participants respecting social distancing
  • Cost : on demand


Change Management

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