Adults/Teenagers/Children, Riders, Non-riders…
The Akita equipedagogy close to you… for you…

Discover your unconscious ways of acting by observing the mirror effect that the horse provides back to you in reaction to your emotions, behaviors, intonations…
The more you will be connected to your emotions, the more you will be connected to the horse. The horse will help you to find resources and keys to deal with your personal or professional challenges.

Equipedagogy is based on working with 3 actors: the horse, the coachee and the coach. The horse interacts directly with you, leading you to adapt your behaviors to enable you to reach your goal.

The equicoach guides you, observes and debriefs with you during and at the end of the session: what did you feel, what changes did you notice, how to apply the learnings in your daily life?

The horse is your best ally

Because he is authentic, kind, spontaneous, because he does not lie, the horse is the ideal partner to help anchor new habits with deep long lasting changes.
His non-verbal behavior allows you to adjust yours instantly and concretely. In this way, it can help you reach different objectives according to your needs.

The « First connexion » with the horse

Getting closer to nature, discovering and understanding the qualities of the horse “Guide” by evolving in a safe relationship climate; experiment this new relation to the horse with this approach. The horse will help you strengthen your self-confidence, free you up from the fear effects, and experience this new relational posture, all, without coercion.

Manage your emotions

Every emotion we have is consciously or unconsciously reflected in our attitudes, our behavior, by the sound of our voice… The horse coachs us with kindness, to become aware of the impact of these emotions on our self and others, therefore to welcome them and express them in a “right” conscious way.

Manage changes

Any changes coming or already happened in your life?
The equipedagogy approach helps to find your own resources to anchor a new “posture” in change management. The horse, present by your side, will guide you, always “Listening” to you.

Five basic axes to empower this other self-being:

  • Working with a free horse (by foot)
  • Akiyogata’s work, with long reins (based on self-posture and Akita pedagogy)
  • Free riding work
  • “Dressage” work in bridle, without bit
  • Horse riding evolution

Practical information:


Individual session:1h

  • Teenagers (+12 years old) & Adults: 120.-CHF / 110€
  • Children (from 6 to 11 years old): 90.-CHF / 80€

Subscription of 10 sessions: 10 x 1h

  • Teenagers (+12 years old) & Adults: 1’080.-CHF / 990€ (par pers.)
  • Children (from 6 to 11 years old): 810.-CHF / 720€ (par pers.)
Where to practice :

Sessions are given:

  • Chens-sur-Leman – France,
  • Chavannes-des-Bois – Switzerland,
  • Private stables, on request and according to availability.
Please contact us:

For any question or reservation, please contact Carine Jacquier:

  • By phone: +33 6 38 33 14 14 ou au +41 78 864 70 55
  • Email:
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