Individual equicoaching

Personalized support for managers, executives, leaders…
Qilin-SA uses the Transactional Analysis approach as the basis of coaching to help you release the locks, give meaning to your action and coach you for sustainability towards more efficiency and growth. We work as a team (coach, coachee and horse) to reach your objectives.

Examples of objectives we can achieve but not only… just ask

Gaining self-confidence
Developing well-being and communication skills, know how, building trust, for authentic and deep relationship.

Developing leadership skills
To empower communication, to federate and motivate around a project, to convince without constraining.

Manage crisis situations
Identify conflict, make quick decisions, manage stress, adapt to others.

Raise Communicating skills
Expressing and defending one’s ideas without imposing, working on emotions and self-being skills.

Beyond management theories, self-being skills are essential assets to lead teams, federate around a project, manage crisis or establish leadership. A horse reveals who you are, your behaviors as a leader or as a team, as there is no hidden agenda. They literally reflect your attitude and emotions. Thanks to the horse, they make us “grow” and reinforce our competences.

Once you defined your objectives, Qilin-SA offers a costumed and personalized coaching through sessions involving interaction with horses and always followed by a debrief.

The participant leaves with a clear understanding of his strengths and areas of improvements. Working with horses provides an immediate diagnostic of our own behaviors and ways of acting. Therefore the coachee will be in a position to anchor deep long lasting changes for his/her own benefit, and the companies benefit as well.