Seminars, Team building and Team cohesion

Equicoaching to develop team cohesion, unified and motivated around a common goal
Through this unique experience, everyone will learn to use non-verbal communication, to adjust to others, to optimize the quality of their intentions and to develop their self-being. Through interactive exercises with the horse, Qilin-SA helps teams to develop their team spirit and collaboration to reach common goals.

What themes can be addressed?

Team cooperation
Sharing ideas without imposing, developing clarity, and self being, creating trust with others, Optimize team cohesion for effective collaboration.

Collective intelligence
Trusting others, benefit from individual skills to move further together.

Conflicts management
Identify tensions, adopt the right attitude facing roadblocks and remove resistance.

Non-verbal communication
Reveal body language to better manage the clear communication with others.

Developing creativity by having a deep understanding of own skills.

Manage change
Anchor change as an opportunity for growth.

L'equicoaching pour identifier les dysfonctionnements au sein d'une équipe avec Qilin SA

All companies have the ambition to federate the teams around a common goal to be achieve collectively. And beyond performance, everyone would need to find his/her fit within the organization and enjoy working with each other. Getting to know and understand each other better, using each team member’s skills and willingness to generate collective commitment and engagement together with personal growth.

Through a variety number of exercises carried out with the horse and the equicoach expertise, each team member learns to know themselves and other team members better, in order to identify new ways of working as a team with the existing talents.

Qilin-SA works upstream with the team to define the objectives to be reached. After each experience with the horse, a debrief is proposed to share a common vision. The team can thus establish a concrete link between action and reflection, and apply the experience with the horse in the company.