The Qilin Leadership Model (QLM)

Year 2020 has been putting us through a crisis that we cannot ignore. In this super challenging world, we need to be even more, pillars of our Organizations. Be pillars for our companies, our families, our associations… To develop the necessary resilience that will allow us to “grow” after this period.

How can we get out of this fog and steer our teams through the uncertainty that surrounds us? Observe the presence, the calm, the courage of this young woman. Observe the free horses, in a total listening of their leader… These are the qualities of Leardership that everyone will develop in contact with horses, as part of our equicoaching workshops.

The aim of the QLM training:

Acquire resilience

Have more efficient organizations

Develop self-awareness

Training program

An Equine assisted programme: Guide, Inspire and Deliver

ModuleMain OutcomesHow
1/ Developing self-awareness Greater insight into own way of acting, thinking, behaving

Clear personalized roadmap to meet leadership expectations

Diagnostic of your Leadership skills
2/ Accelerating empowerment Greater ability to guide with autonomy

Feel/sense your alignment

 Develop your Presence and Charisma
3/ Acquiring Know-How Take ownership of your non-verbal communication

Leverage positive communication

 Acquire Strong focus and clear
4/ Building Self-Confidence Capacity to adjust your inner-state according to needs

Stronger self-confidence in your leadership

 Anchor Braveness and Deep calm


Qilin Leadership Model

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