Professional Practice Analysis

You want to develop new performing leverage?

For the sake of efficiency, our brain and our operating mechanisms lead us to behave quite similarly in different situations. It is useful to be able to step back with a growth mindset and analyze the choices we make and what we implement. This systemic approach allows the growth of new opportunities, which do exist but less visible, and which lead to new ways of acting and new ideas.

Through its professional practice analysis workshops, Qilin follows teams or groups of peers by offering a space of reflection on self-awareness. Our coach helps to find innovative and creative solutions to their professional challenges. This systemic approach supports the review of their practices or actions, clarify the key success factors of a project and experiment new solutions, and resources.

PPA or supervision:

You wish to go deeper in the knowledge of your own way of acting?

Common in other fields such as: education, psychology, medical…, supervision – or Practice Analysis – offers a great opportunity to step back and observe, analyze and understand not only, own way of functioning, but also the others’ one. The supervisor, coach, helps managers or teams in this process to guide them through new practices and find immediate solutions.

Supervision of managers

Build or strengthen your professional identity to:

Depending on the need, sessions can take place with the leadership team or among peers to promote communication and share “best practices”.

Team supervision

Experience and strengthen interdependence to:

  • improve interpersonal communication
  • develop autonomy and interaction
  • share knowledge, skills and know-how

The coaching is carried out with the members of a complete team, having worked on the same project or sharing the same issue in order to develop cohesion around a common vision.

A master-class professional practices analysis:

How do supervision sessions take place?

Qilin-SA has a comprehensive program in place.

The analysis takes place in 5 key steps:

  1. Sharing: the participants present his/her situation/issue.
  2. Exploration : the coach asks questions to identify roadblocks and conflicts. The participants will be asked to interact.
  3. Analysis: the coach provides theoretical elements he has observed.
  4. Elaboration of possible solutions
  5. Re-appropriation: identification of hypotheses of analysis and understanding which leads the participants to apply them to their own situation.

Why choose Qilin-SA?

Our key success factors for an efficient and caring supervision


Qilin has created an innovative and dynamic coaching approach by offering a well thought combined coaching and equicoaching sessions. Depending on the needs and the objectives to be reached, equicoaching can prove to be a wonderful ally. Through its mirror effect and much more, the horse leads to a greater understanding of oneself, a better knowledge of our inner state, offering a unique and powerful experience.

Our coach

With 16 years of experience in large international groups, Carine Mottard has a perfect knowledge of the fundamentals that allow her to conduct Professional Practice Analysis sessions:

  • Know how organizations are usually structured and how they work
  • Know the main management and leadership challenges within organizations
  • Know which type of leadership to adopt, when and how