How about developing collaboration and collective intelligence in your company? Our training is dedicated to existing and new teams to help them function and work together, but also to peer groups to encourage cooperation and the exchange of experiences. Facilitated by a certified coach in a safe and caring co-development environment, our workshop allows the empowerment and development of inter and intra-personal synergies.

Our workshops are built around your challenges: during an initial discussion, we highlight the areas to be worked through and build the training around these key elements.

Some examples of team coaching objectives:

Designing collectively
action plans

and built together

Define the vision
and common objectives

Managing changes
and transitions

Our training program

The objectives, the pedagogic tools:

ModulesMain outcomesHow
1/ Developing self-awareness Greater insight into own way of
acting, thinking, behaving.

Clear personalized roadmap to meet
team expectations.

Diagnostic of your Soft skills
2/ Building Self-Confidence Capacity to adjust your inner-state
according to team needs.

Stronger self-confidence in your own

Anchor Braveness and Deep calm.
3/ Accelerating High Level Team Efficiency Higher performing team sharing
common values based on collective

Take ownership of your non-verbal

Acquire Strong focus and clear


Qilin Collective Intelligence Program

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