Carine Mottard, an equicoach expert

Carine Jacquier, fondatrice de Qilin, professionnelle de l'equicoaching

Founder of Qilin-SA, I have been riding for more than 25 years in different disciplines (dressage, jumping, cross-country…). My 16 years of experience within a large international group in several positions of leadership (Human Resources, Project Management, Purchasing Departments) have enabled me to develop management and strategy skills, and acquire an excellent knowledge of different organizations and their complexity. I work within the Transactional Analysis frame, a systemic approach of the organizations. This theory of organizations enable having a panoramic view and identify potentials, with no judgment, and credit cooperation as an essential element towards efficiency of individuals and groups.

This approach is the base of my coaching philosophy to support and help change management. These competences allow me to provide equicoaching with passion and professionalism, without ever obscuring the fundamental values that guide me: integrity, authenticity, trust, positive attitude, active listening…

The origin of Qilin

The Qilin ou Kirin is a fabulous composite animal from Chinese mythology with several appearances. It usually looks a bit like a deer and a horse, has a coat, scales or both, and a pair of horns or a single horn similar to the deer’s one. A cosmogonic creature and king of the furry animals, it lives only in peaceful places or nearby a wise man; discovering one is always a good omen. It is also believed that the Qilin has the power to bring a talented son who will do great things. He appears in texts with a single horn, and is often called a unicorn in Western languages.

The name K’i lin includes the radical of the deer. In Mandarin it is called qílín, in Japanese Kirin, and in Vietnamese kỳlân. It is sometimes nicknamed “dragon horse”. Qí or K’i is the name of the male and lín the name of the female, qílín the combination of both.

The qilin is the very embodiment of harmony: his walking is regular, he does not take a step without first looking where he is going to put his foot and does not destroy anything under his hoof, not even the grass blades. He crosses only the right places and lies on flat ground. A vegetarian, he does not eat anything that is not perfect, no animal fears his invisible tracks, but he is often alone and can walk on water as well as on the ground. Called “kindness animal” or “auspicious animal”, it is said to be the emanation of Taisui, the astral god of Jupiter who governs the destiny of the year, and that it can live for two thousand years. A scholar of the Han period says that he is the noblest of animal creatures, the emblem of the perfect good.

Qilin l'emblême de la bienveillance