Executive coaching

You want to develop your skills and empower your impact?

A tailor-made coaching for experts, managers, executive leaders,…

A powerful accelerator of individual and collective performance, executive coaching helps you to have a better understanding of your own way of functioning: recognizing your emotions, analyzing them and identifying their impact in order to manage your relationship with others more effectively and optimize your own performance. Executive coaching helps leaders and managers to enable the development of their full potential.

This unique coaching facilitates adaptability to change, and benefits to leaders, their teams and the company.
Achieve and realize your full potential for personal and professional ambitions.

By deciding to have your coach (expert), you enter a wonderful process of experimentation, a “work” on the present moment with long lasting results.

Using the Bern Organizational Theory (TOB) as the fundamental of my coaching: a simple, concrete and effective approach: Unlocking the “blocks”, Giving meaning to your action, Coaching in a sustainable way towards greater efficiency and growth.

Experts, managers, executive leaders

Act on your own potential to reveal the potential of your teams

The success of all changes or re-organization within a company relies on the ability of the Executive management team to take ownership of these changes and have full buy in of their teams.

Personalized coaching, with tailor-made support adapted to the expressed needs, allows managers and leaders to reveal themselves and to take full ownership of their value. They will find clarity and deal with all changes happening in their environment. The self-confidence and serenity regained will allow to naturally inspire and drive their teams into this new path.

You face new challenges?

Executive coaching will help you meet them!

Reach your goals quicker with efficiency

Prioritize, analyze, take a step back… to move forward with confidence in the wanted direction.

Unlock your professional and personal potential

Identify your strengths and areas of development to optimize your skills.

Manage the evolution of your professional career

Develop self-confidence to create and seize opportunities without fear.

Develop your empowerment

Find the energy within yourself to develop your power of action.

A tailor-made approach, adapted to each individual

How do our executive coaching sessions work?

Qilin-SA adapts the format, duration and content of the sessions according to your needs and expectations. The coaching process can be carried out in a mixed format, associating coaching and equicoaching sessions (practiced in stables).

The program follows key steps for a successful coaching journey:

1. Identify and assess your needs
2. Set the objective(s) to be reached (which will define the number of sessions and their format)
3. Define the action plan and the necessary diagnostic tools
4. Implement: all coaching sessions take place in a safe and comfortable environment
5. Debriefing: we evaluate together the path achieved, the objectives reached and define the next steps

Why choose Qilin-SA?

Our strengths for an effective executive coaching program


Qilin has created an innovative and dynamic coaching approach by offering a well thought combined coaching and equicoaching sessions. Depending on the needs and the objectives to be reached, equicoaching can prove to be a wonderful ally. Through its mirror effect and much more, the horse leads to a greater understanding of oneself, a better knowledge of our inner state, offering a unique and powerful experience.

Our coach

Thanks to her great knowledge of the business world acquired over 16 years of experience as an executive leader, Carine Jacquier is a certified coach with a systemic approach who perfectly understands the challenges and organization of a companies, teams and leaders. This double role allows her to provide relevant analysis for effective and concrete solutions.