School equicoaching: Self being… a MUST

Equicoaching scolaire : pédagogie par le savoir-être avec Qilin SA

Throughout their school career, students must develop their autonomy, find their place within a group which can change every year. In his school career, the child can benefit from private lessons to improve his results but it is sometimes necessary to work on his self-being skills to help him develop his potential and support the development of his autonomy.

Working on his self being skills is beneficial not only for the child he is today but also for the adult he is about to become. The problems and blocks they encounter today in the school environment can be found in the corporate world. Getting to know and understand oneself better is an in-depth work that will be useful for him throughout his entire life.

How does it work?

In partnership with the educational team/structures, Qilin-SA exchanges with the teaching staff to identify the problems and define the objective to be reached. Certified coach proposes to the students different exercises to help them progress on the identified topics. The objective is to help them find their own solutions so that they can then be fully autonome in other contexts.

The students do not need to be riders, the proposed exercises are done by foot. We coach and guide the students throughout the exercises to allow them to work in complete serenity and safety.

What are themes covered?

By working in small groups, the students are led to work with the horse on different topics such as :

  • Becoming aware of their strengths,
  • Gain self-confidence,
  • Knowing how to assert yourself within a group,
  • Communicate clearly with others,
  • Understand and listen to others,
  • Position yourself in a group,
  • Sharpen his powers of concentration.
Qilin sa propose du coaching scolaire pour une meilleure réussite et un mieux-être à l'école

Equicoaching supports the transition from primary to middle school, from middle school to high school and onwards…

Intégration scolaire par l'equicoaching avec Qilin SA

Changes of institution, whether it is for a move or a change of level/grade, are very often stressful for the child/teenager: it may question his/her capacities to adapt, fear of new environment, loss of reference points…

Qilin-SA offers, through a group coaching programs, to help teachers prepare their students to better understand changes for greater experience. If the child knows himself better, if he becomes aware of his fears and his obstacles in a group, then he will find, thanks to the equicoaching, the keys to overcome his fears or anxieties.

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