Equicoaching, a powerful approach of coaching

Give meaning to your action

You would like to :

  • Take right decisions quicker
  • Identify potential roadblocks within your teams and empower collaboration
  • Adopt a panoramic view of your organization
  • Initiate changes within your company

Qilin-SA guides through the implementation of work based on commitment and involvement to enable you to evolve better, without necessarily changing the heart of your organization in depth, while optimizing synergies.

Using the Bern Organizational Theory (TOB) as a basis for my coaching, I undertake with you a simple, concrete and effective approach:

  • Unlocking the “blocks”
  • Giving meaning to your action
  • Coaching you in a sustainable way towards greater efficiency and growth

A systemic vision of your organization to understand and undertake changes:

  • Provide the keys to a greater understanding of your organization
  • Offer the tools adapted to the implementation of change
  • Individual coaching

“The deontology which governs our profession and our coaching is the EATA (www.eatanews.org et www.ifat.net) one”