Discover equicoaching with Qilin-SA

Équicoaching : Qilin propose un coaching authentique pour transformer sa relation à l’autre et son leadership
Why horses?

The horse reacts instinctively, objectively and intelligently. By its reactions, it encourages us to remain calm, to welcome our emotions and to live the present moment. Without judging, in a neutral and honest way, he brings our reactions and emotions to life!

Par l'équicoaching, Qilin  prépare et accompagne l’équipe dans un changement
Why Qilin-SA?

As a certified Equipedagogue, I benefit from double competence: a deep knowledge of horses and a great understanding of large companies. This allows me to work with you on your key challenges, organizational topics for sustainable growth and results. As certified coach, I also work on developing your emotional intelligence, communication… as individual or teams.

Qilin aide à renforcer son leadership par l'equicoaching
For whom?

Equicoaching is for companies, adults, children, riders, schools… the most important is to be willing to be part of this approach, as the final result depends on you! No need to be a rider to experience and benefit from equicoaching.

Communication, gestion des conflits, intelligence collective par l'equicoaching avec Qilin sa
What results?

Equicoaching provides results and key evolutions in many areas: leadership development, self-confidence empowerment, team building, personal and professional development, clarity of communication, emotional intelligence…