Qilin coaching: is an authentic approach based on your life experience, with a tailor-made proposal adapted to meet your expectations.

To (re)connect, to be in harmony with your own energy, with the energy of the nature, with the energy of your surroundings, to find your work/personal life balance… Qilin helps you to transform and evolve at your own pace, with kindness and empathy.

Each of my coaching sessions is unique. During our first exchange, listening to your inputs, I can identify the key points of the coaching. Then we built together the guidelines of the journey we will follow to empower and strengthen your impact.

Within the Transactional Analysis framework, a systemic approach of the organizations, my coaching/training is based on the most powerful ressource: your Body, the Nature (through equicoaching), Human relationships and Emotions. It is the combination of all these fundamental elements which drives you towards a better knowledge of yourself, a better use of your energy, a better use of the other’s energy, to increase the power of your impact towards long lasting results.

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by Qilin

How does “interacting” with the horse support managerial performance in companies? In what ways, the horse is a great pedagogical “tool”, and why does it provide immediate and long lasting changes? Equicoaching is 100% safe! Compliance with covid-19 sanitary measures.

Equicoaching does not require to be a rider!

All the proposed exercises are done by foot. Although 90% of the participants are impressed by the animal, our expertise and knowledge of the horse allows us to work in a complete safe environment.