Team development

You want to (re)built cohesion in your team to increase its efficiency?

More and more companies are aware that their performance, the success of a project or a reorganization depends on the collective intelligence: the key pillar to be empowered and optimized.

Qilin works with teams to enable the development of their full individual and collective potential to achieve true team “high performance“. A well-functioning team, with its diversity is built on self-awareness (own way of acting), sharing common values and a great understanding of non-verbal communication.

Experts, managers, executive leaders

From Independence towards Inter-dependance (Wheel of Autonomy, N.K Symor)

Through Team Coaching, you learn to foster group collaboration, allowing the team as a “whole” to be greater than the sum of its individuals. Understanding that your well-being and success are inextricably linked to the well-being and success of those around you is the first step toward interdependence.

Interdependent people combine their own efforts with others’ to achieve the common goals. When you move from independence to interdependence, from “I” to “We,” you enter an agile, living and powerful leadership role.

Individual talents for the benefit of the group

What are the expected results?

A facilitator and visionary leader

with clear and shared objective

An open and fluid communication

thanks to the values empowered (trust, kindness, respect…)

Collaborative work in a climate of trust and respect

thanks to an optimized functioning and organization

Welcome changes with more confidence

thanks to a better self-awareness and self-confidence

Communicate, perform, deliver

Team coaching: a journey assisted by horses

By observing the team functioning, Qilin will identify areas of improvement and propose an adapted action plan.

Qilin works with your team in multiple ways: by observing, questioning, listening, providing experiences, using tools within an appropriate framework. Through the tailor-made sessions, Qilin facilitates and anchors learnings.

ModulesMain outcomesHow
1/ Developing self-awareness Greater insight into own way of
acting, thinking, behaving.

Clear personalized roadmap to meet
team expectations.

Diagnostic of your Soft skills
2/ Building Self-Confidence Capacity to adjust your inner-state
according to team needs.

Stronger self-confidence in your own

Anchor Braveness and Deep calm.
3/ Accelerating High Level Team Efficiency Higher performing team sharing
common values based on collective

Take ownership of your non-verbal

Acquire Strong focus and clear

Seminars, Team building and Team cohesion

Equicoaching to develop team cohesion, unified and motivated around a common goal

For all companies, it is essential to federate the teams in order to achieve common goals. And beyond performance, the key success factor is for team members to feel comfortable in their position and enjoy working with the other team members. Getting to know each other better, using each one’s skills to promote collective achievement and personal satisfaction.

Through this unique experience, everyone will learn to use non-verbal communication, to adjust to others, to optimize the quality of their intentions and to develop their self-being. Through interactive exercises with the horse, Qilin-SA helps teams to develop their team spirit and collaboration to reach common goals.

What themes can be addressed?

  • Team cooperation: Sharing ideas without imposing, developing clarity, and self being, creating trust with others, Optimize team cohesion for effective collaboration.
  • Collective intelligence: Trusting others, benefit from individual skills to move further together.
  • Conflicts management: Identify tensions, adopt the right attitude facing roadblocks and remove resistance.
  • Non-verbal communication: Reveal body language to better manage the clear communication with others.
  • Move forward as a team: develop creativity by listening to others and understanding the non-verbal communication.
  • Empower buy-in: improve buy-in to changes within the companies.

Why choose Qilin-SA?

Our strengths for an effective team coaching program


Qilin has created an innovative and dynamic coaching approach by offering a well thought combined coaching and equicoaching sessions. Depending on the needs and the objectives to be reached, equicoaching can prove to be a wonderful ally. Through its mirror effect and much more, the horse leads to a greater understanding of oneself, a better knowledge of our inner state, offering a unique and powerful experience.

Our coach

Thanks to her great knowledge of the business world acquired over 16 years of experience as an executive leader, Carine Mottard is a certified coach with a systemic approach who perfectly understands the challenges and organization of a companies, teams and leaders. This double role allows her to provide relevant analysis for effective and concrete solutions.